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Roger Federer as Religious Person

In this book, you will read the text of David Foster Wallace called Roger Federer as Religious Experience. This assignment had a couple of restrictions. The book had a fixed format, I needed to use the text of David Foster Wallace and it was required that I made a reaction on the text. In the text Roger Federer as Religious Experience, David Foster Wallace describes Roger Federer, everything that he does and is involved around tennis as a holy happening. My reaction on the text was through images of holy statues that are mimicking the gestures of Roger Federer. I based the grid of this book on the golden ratio. The footnotes and the page numbers, are outside the golden ratio. The space where the footnote is indicated and where the text of the footnote starts, is were Roger Federer is represented. So, in this way the golden ratio is always completed. Mirrored to Roger Federer is the holy statue.