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Merel Lois Meijer

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/ The Netherlands

​​On this website, I guide you through my work, thought process, interests and research. My name is Merel Meijer and I am a graphic designer, researcher and curator. In my graphic design practice, I try to translate a problem, a phenomenon or a subject which, in my opinion, deserves attention. I interpret it into different media, which allows the general public to understand and interact with the topic. I love to experiment with different programs, formats and materials. Another one of my passions is organizing exhibitions, which is tightly linked to my graphic design practice. In my opinion it is of great importance to create a platform where artists are able to communicate their message to a broader audience.
How it really happened_Publication_2019
Space.mp3_Video installation_2019
When nature takes over_Visual essay_2018
Roger Federer as Religious Person_Publication_2019
Contemporary Flavours_Exhibition design_2020
Nearly Natural_Documentary_2019
Game Over_Python_2019
Forgotten Cultures_Material- / Research_2019
Anew Magazine_Publication_Under construction